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What’s Destroying Marriages Today?

Married CoupleThe Struggles of Marriage

Marriage for many is a beautiful social institution or even a saving grace for some people, but that does not mean it is easy. For some, it is a frightening thing to go though, fraught with difficulties and challenging situations that has the potential to ruin the lives of those involved. This potential for disaster can cause stress and make people push their spouses away or even try to sabotage their own relationships.

Arguments Can Lead To Failed Marriages

One of the biggest reasons why marriages fail is arguments. Non-stop arguing can wear down a loving relationship between two people and turn into a constant fight that never ends. It can start with something simple, such as a fight over sharing chores, or the quality of the meals that can turn into a never-ending cycle of constant fighting. The only way to stop this cycle is to focus on the importance of the issue and try and work through it.

Outside Relationships Devastate Marriages

The people on the outside of a marriage can be more damaging to a relationship than the people inside of the marriage. If a married person spends more time focusing on someone else’s needs rather than their spouse, it can cause feelings of jealousy and discontent between the two spouses. Maintaining unhealthy and over-attentive connections with other people who try to drive spouses apart will most likely contribute to destroying a marriage.

Reconcile the Marriage Relationship or Depart?

The first step of fixing a marriage problem is admitting that a problem exists. Once two spouses acknowledge their disputes, they can work together to help find solutions. If issues continue even with cooperation and counseling, the couple should start talking about separation. A divorce lawyer can help keep the divorce process rational and civil to help determine if a divorce is really necessary or to proceed with a fair settlement of the divorce terms.

Marriage Should Be a Life-Long Bond

Marriage is not a saving grace, nor is it an antiquated social institution. It is a constant bond that is not to be taken lightly. Every relationship a person has with another is different and unique with their own intricacies, but the foundation of every strong relationship is mutual respect. Without this foundation of respect, any marriage is doomed to fail and cause consequences to everyone involved.